Sunday, October 08, 2006


Waterfalls at Foz do Iguacu.

The Paudimar hostel in Foz. That´s a bar in the shadows. Lovely stuff.

Jesus Christ! Literally. He looks down on Rio de Janeiro and you can see him from almost everywhere. From the ground he looks small but in actual fact is MASSIVE. My pictures from the front are rubbish. Clouds and stuff.

Me with a Swedish guy. They all wear incredibly sexy white vests, a little known fact.

Water buffalo in the Pantanal. They´re not from round here.

Here in Brazil, snakes walk on the left.

Sophisticated dining out with Dominic (left) and Axel (right). Not sure Dominic likes his pizza.

Nothing quite like a good honest afternoon´s pineapple selling.

The view from Christ in Rio. Slightly better than the ´Plymouth Eye´.

Waiting for the bus in Foz. As you can see it would help if I was looking in the right direction.

Relaxing at El Misti in Botafoga, Rio.

The hair. Still growing.

A mixture of Germans, Swedes and Brits (arriving early) to watch a game at Rio´s famous MaracanĂ¡ stadium between Flamengo and Cruzeiro. What do you mean you´ve never heard of them?

The very cool view of the Copacabana from the Sugar Loaf mountain, Rio.

The falls at Foz again . No pictures can do them justice, to be honest. This is just the middle bit.

The impressive Garganta del Diablo, or Devil´s Throat, at Foz. If you can´t see it look at where I´m pointing.

Some Brazilian chocolate biscuits that have clearly disturbed me. Tasted great, though.

A picturesque street in Rio. In real life it´s actually coloured in.

Me on top of the Sugar Loaf, Rio.

A street mural in Santa Teresa in Rio . Notice the Brazilians are taking on about 5 different teams. And using a tram, which I´m pretty sure isn´t in the rules.

Everyone enjoying some down-time in the Pantanal, Lost style.

An alligator being fed a piranha by our guide, Levy. Cool

The guys in the Pantanal (l-r): David, Peter, Me, Will, Mave (sorry, couldn´t remember the crazy Irish spelling), Steve, Levy, Alex, Brad. I can´t for the life of me remember the guy in front, but he seems happy, doesn´t he?


James said...

Good to see you are up to date with Pantanal (unlike me). Now in B Aires, so will try and update with pics in next few days..

Michael Cowan said...

Cool Blog Andy! - you will have to pick me up one of those swedes in the sexy white vests! :)