Monday, November 27, 2006


The charming little town of Tupiza, where we started the Salt lake tour.
The wild west type valleys we had to navigate through.
Michele and Lynn in the back of the Jeep.
Franklin, a boy in one of the TINY towns we stopped at.
Clive on a photo mission.
Ahh, lots of nice reflections abound.
A strange light blue lake. What's it called again?...
Hot springs! Relaxing.
Geisers. Dangerous to jump over.
Back a little, back a little...
Michele and Clive.
The bizarre 'rock tree'.
The view of our lodgings just outside the salt flats.
Our group climbing up the cactus hill.
Dinner time eating Margarete's lovely food.
Carlos getting emotional. And drunk.
We slept on salt beds.
Sunrise over the salt lake.
View from the island in the middle of the salt lake.
Dead Cactus.
A little pond. Quite salty.
The endless horizon. That's Clive in the background.
Me triumphant with a massive lump of salt.

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