Saturday, September 30, 2006

Getting up to date

Okaaaay, I need to go over 'the story so far'.

Where to start? The beginning, maybe. Here goes.


I flew into Rio Sunday 17th September and was met by Marcello, the only Brazillian who doesn´t like football. Stayed at the El Misti hostel for a week in Botafogo, a middle-class neighbourhood. Pretty safe. El Misti is a ´meeting people´ hostel, singles, couples, groups all happy to meet up and go on day trips.

The sights were seen, and seen well. Sugarloaf, Christ the Redeemer, etc. Some AMAZING views. Went to two games at the MaracanĂ¡ stadium, seeing an exciting total of just ONE goal. Slightly dissapointed. Still, a change from watching Plymouth Argyle.

Rio seems safer than I was told. Not as intimidating. Walking the streets feels ok, pockets safe. Went to a ´funk party´at a club in a favella (slums), but was totslly safe. Amazing dancing, though not by me.

Food in Brazil in plentiful. They have these lunch buffets where you load up your plate and pay for the weight! Cool. They´re called Buffette a Quilo. Because of the weight. Per Kilo.

From Rio I went to Sao Paulo. It´s a dump. Got stung by taxi from bus station. Driver didn´t know where the hostel was. Anxious moments. Finally arrive, making my way over the bodies in the streets (joking). Hostel cold and glad to only spend one night.

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