Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Back up in the sky.

I'M ANNOYED. There seems to be some kind of virus on my photo memory card. Of course I can get a new one but I've loads of great pictures on there. Maybe they will be a shop that can sort it out, with some kind of anti-vral software type stuff. I'm not really very good with these things. If anyone has any ideas...

But what will happen will happen, there's nothing you can do about it. I'm in Cochabamba for a few days and there's not too much to do here. Plenty of excursions to 'pile of rocks' type ruins but my appetite for that has waned, gonna save it for a crack at Macchu Pichu. There are, however, some nice cafe/bars and Beat and I are rejecting beer these days for rum and cokes, or as they call them here, 'Cuba Libres' (Free Cuba!). Excellent.

The ride here was a pretty authentic South American journey. A long twisty trip in a squashed seat up through the lush misty mountains in the rain on a bus with sometimes two kids in one seat and people sitting in the aisles. They always say you have to travel How The Local People Travel. It's like some kind of travelling rule. It's Bad if you fly or take a comfy bus. I personally think if you can find a comfy bus you should be rewarded for ingenuity.

The city here seems pretty standard. Plaza, parks, university...oh, and a big Jesus on the hill, but I've seen one of those before. There's a big market here that we'll try to get to hopefully. We're out of the Amazon basin here. Cochabamba is around 2500-3000 metres above sea level so it's not too difficult getting around and it's cooler and less humid than the low-lands.

My camera problem has thrown up an activity for tomorrow, else I'll try to get it fixed in the capital La Paz, our next stop in a few days.

It's weird thinking about people getting ready for Christmas back home. There are a few decorations popping up here and there but otherwise it's a low key affair in Bolivia. If I were a super-organised traveller I suppose I could have cards and presents arriving back home, but unfortunately that's not me. If it was me, then I wouldn't really be me, would I? Be real to yourself. Didn't someone say that once? Think about that.

Have I any general thoughts? Not really right now. I'm a bit worried about my camera. And it's frustrating as I can see the pictures on the card on the camera screen but can't put them on a CD or upload them. Arrghhh!

I'll report back.

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